16th Jun 2023

2 min read

Care Hires Welcomes Health and Social Care Leader Mike Moreton to the Team!

By Lihini Boteju

Care Hires is excited to announce the appointment of renowned industry leader Mike Moreton as Close Advisor to Care Hires, the Workforce Management Solution. With over 30 years of experience in the care industry, transforming care technology and paving the way for care providers and organisations, Mike Moreton becomes an incredible new addition to drive innovation in Care Hires’ workforce management solutions.

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Mike Moreton possesses ten years of expertise with Civica, growing the Health, Care and Workforce Management divisions both UK and internationally. In his new role, Moreton will provide his deep industry insights and proven track record to give valuable guidance and support to the company in optimising their strategies and streamlining operations. Care Hires is indeed excited to welcome Mike Moreton, who has consistently demonstrated a strong understanding of the industry’s challenges and has been instrumental in developing effective strategies to improve workforce management processes.

Suleman Sacranie, Co-Founder of Care Hires, expressed his enthusiasm about Mike Moreton joining the team by emphasising how “he will be indeed invaluable in helping us and our clients navigate the complex challenges in workforce management with new insights and new ideas.” Sacranie together with Care Hires believes that Moreton’s contributions will further enhance their commitment to empowering care organisations, enabling them to provide better care and support to their clients.

Mike Moreton himself shared his excitement about joining Care Hires expressing: “I am delighted to be part of a dynamic organisation dedicated to improving efficiency and effectiveness of staffing processes in care. I look forward to collaborating and working closely with the team to address the sector’s unique challenges and drive a positive change.”

Care Hires offers cutting-edge solutions that enable social care providers to optimise staffing levels, reduce costs, and enhance resident care outcomes. With the addition of Mike Moreton to their team, the company reinforces its position as a leader in the industry, providing its clients with unrivalled expertise and support in navigating the complex landscape of workforce management.

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