09th January 2024

2 mins read

iMap Partners with Care Hires to Digitalise Care Staff Management

By Lihini Boteju

iMap, a leading care organisation in the UK dedicated to supporting persons with autism, joins Care Hires with a vision towards transforming their agency staff management. This collaboration will enhance iMap’s flexible staffing and significantly reduce costs associated with agency staff spending and manual processes.

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iMap , in its commitment to fostering positive experiences for young people with autism, learning disabilities, and complex needs, from its inception, has prioritised the need to create a supportive and warm environment with a focus on personalised, progressive pathways that maximise their independence. This partnership with Care Hires comes at a crucial juncture for iMap, as the need for efficient and cost-effective staffing solutions in the social care sector continues to grow with rising staff vacancy levels. The Care Hires solution aims to address precisely that and more by creating a unified and simplified staff management system under a single platform that assures 100% shift fulfilment with 100% compliance fulfilment and offers a variety of tools to promote overall efficiency, control and visibility and facilitate company-wide growth.

Moreover, with our advanced staffing solutions, we aim to expand iMap’s services and support them in advancing their care delivery to better align with the individual needs of their clients. The partnership will empower iMap to maintain its positive approaches and engagement while embracing technological advancements that can create smoother day-to-day operations.

Care Hires co-founder Suleman Sacranie expressed his enthusiasm; “We are absolutely thrilled to collaborate with iMap, an organisation that shares our values and the commitment to personalised care. Our platform will provide iMap with the tools they need to offer the best possible level of care to make a positive change in the lives of the people they support”. The partnership is truly a landmark moment in social care, especially in line with the sector’s journey towards embracing digitalisation for better and smarter care. We hope our collaboration sets a precedent for other care organisations to follow suit and continue driving positive change across the industry.

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