24th January 2024

3 mins read

Godfrey Care and Care Hires, A Powerhouse Partnership for Optimal Staffing Solutions

By Lihini Boteju

Godfrey Care, has officially partnered with Care Hires to transform the workforce management processes of their esteemed organisation. This strategic partnership aims to support Godfrey Care in delivering the highest quality of care possible to its vulnerable recipients.

One of the primary concerns for Godfrey Care was the inconsistency in the staff quality and the variable training levels that often fell short of their requirements. Additionally, overpayments on Care Agency staff had become a persistent issue, prompting a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

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Care Hires stepped in with a compelling solution to digitalise its costly manual processes and reduce unnecessary overheads with up to 25% savings on Agency staffing expenditure. In addition, Care Hires implemented a rigorous vetting process for both Care Agencies and staff, ensuring that all personnel met the specific training criteria set by the sector. This pre-vetting process addressed the quality issue and streamlined the recruitment process, saving valuable time and resources by setting up an all-in-one central staff management system.

Care Hires also introduced a robust compliance check on all workers, ensuring that Godfrey Care receives personnel who meet the necessary training standards for each service and care recipient’s needs. The platform grants Godfrey Care continuous access to detailed worker profiles, offering real-time insights into the skills and qualifications of their staff.

One of the critical features of Care Hires that appealed to Godfrey Care was its unprecedented visibility across various facets of workforce management. Godfrey Care can now access real-time data on shift rosters, financial information, reports, and Agency staff performance. This transparency allows for informed decision-making, enabling Godfrey Care to optimise its workforce and allocate resources more effectively.

Moreover, this partnership offers additional control over Care Agency rates, allowing Godfrey Care to manage costs more efficiently. This newfound control is instrumental in preventing overpayments and aligning Agency rates with the value delivered by the staff.

Suleman Sacranie, Co-founder of Care Hires, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to be working hand in hand with Godfrey Care to usher in a new era of efficiency and excellence. The potential for positive impact is immense, and we believe that together, we can address the challenges Godfrey Care faces and set a precedent for transformative workforce management solutions across the industry.”

With another successful partnership in hand, Care Hires looks forward to expanding its footprint in the social care sector, digitalising one Provider at a time.

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