01st March 2024

6 mins read

Digitalising Care Delivery: How ivolve Care Leveraged Care Hires to Optimise Workforce Management

By Lihini Boteju


ivolve Care & Support is a well-established care organisation operating across 185 locations in England and Wales. Their services encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from Residential to Supported Living, covering areas such as Essex, Wellingborough, Suffolk, Clacton-on-Sea, Colchester, Blamsters, and Frinton-on-Sea. With a solid commitment to delivering high-quality care, ivolve has become a trusted provider in multiple regions in the UK.

Article Highlights

- Significant financial savings
- Improvement in shift fulfilment
- Savings in agency colleague management led to new initiatives in partnering with Care Hires to manage internal rosters
- More time for colleagues to focus on the people they support


ivolve wanted to make improvements in the way it managed its workforce, to free up more time for colleagues to spend with the people they support. They identified opportunities which included streamlining agency spend, improving control and visibility over agency usage and ensuring the right personnel could be deployed into services for critical shifts. In addition, the organisation wanted to ensure control over colleague profiles and expanded access to crucial information.

ivolve partnered with Care Hires to streamline its agency booking process. In addition, they wanted to improve access to real-time reports offering insights into agency hours, billing, and forecasting, empowering them to make well-informed decisions. This statistical information was essential for ivolve to formulate a bigger picture of their operations and forward-plan their growth.

Centralised support from Care Hires helped to ensure uniformity and consistent service across ivolve's extensive network of locations. ivolve and Care Hires worked together to ensure agency colleagues were appropriately trained, and matched with specific service requirements, along with the assurance of consistent pay rates. They also required this streamlined process to save time and improve operational efficiency. This centralised system was crucial for ivolve to have better visibility over their agency colleagues and their profiles to evaluate their suitability for specific roles.

“Working with Care Hires has helped us to achieve significant financial benefits as well as helping us to improve our workforce management processes. We have reduced compliance costs related to admin hours, enabling us to redirect resources to more critical aspects of our care services.

“Looking ahead, we are excited about the future of our partnership. We anticipate continued success as we work together to streamline our internal processes.”

Lee Houghton
Managing Director - Region 2

How Did We Help

Care Hires emerged as a strategic partner that addressed ivolve's unique requirements, where our tailored solutions contributed to several key outcomes. Most notably, ivolve achieved a significant reduction in agency spending. This reduction marked a significant achievement, with further savings anticipated as the implementation phase progresses.

We ensured a 100% shift fulfilment rate, guaranteeing that all shifts had adequate staffing. Care Hires currently covers 24 of ivolve's services, with 12 more live in September 2023, providing tailored support to a growing number of locations.

The benefits of partnering with Care Hires extended beyond financial savings. In addition to the annual cost savings, ivolve reduced compliance costs related to admin hours and worker allocations, timesheet approvals, and invoice approvals. These savings in admin hours significantly boosted employee morale and overall colleague efficiency. It also generated more time for colleagues to spend with the people they support.

The streamlined process and access to real-time data and colleagues’ profiles enhanced operational efficiency, saving time and improving the quality of care services provided across their diverse locations.

In conclusion, the strategic collaboration between Care Hires & ivolve contributed towards substantial cost savings, streamlining of its operations, and enhanced quality of care of its services across its diverse locations, ultimately benefiting the organisation and the people it supports.

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