29th November 2023

1 mins read

A Run for Our Heroes: Care Hires Team Member Runs 71 km for Royal British Legion

By Lihini Boteju

In a remarkable display of commitment and compassion, Jon Rose, a dedicated team member of Care Hires, recently participated in the Saturn Running, a 7-hour Remembrance Day run for our honoured veterans organised by Saturn Running Events Limited.

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This fundraiser aimed to honour the sacrifices of our fallen heroes, with participants given the freedom to choose their distance, starting from 5km. The event, held along the scenic River Wear path, featured a 4.37-mile (7km) looped course classified as a trail run. Jon, who is a passionate supporter of charitable causes, took the opportunity to raise funds for one of Care Hires’ most valued clients, the Royal British Legion (RBL). The RBL, known for its tireless efforts in supporting veterans and their families, holds a special place in the heart of Care Hires.

When asked about his motivation, Jon stated, “The idea of raising money for RBL, given the time of year and the nature of the event, made perfect sense. It motivated me to stretch myself and go as far as I could.”

And stretch himself, he did. Jon completed a staggering ten laps of the challenging course, covering 71km, in an impressive 6 hours and 45 minutes while raising £350 for RBL. His dedication and endurance earned him the well-deserved 3rd place overall out of more than 300 runners.

The success of fundraising efforts highlights Care Hires and our team’s commitment to charitable causes and underscores the strong connection between us and our valued partners. As we reflect on and honour the sacrifices made by our heroes, let us seize this moment to contemplate and extend our collective support to those who need our care.

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