23rd May 2023

5 min read

9 Things Care Providers Need To Consider when Partnering With A Care Agency

By Lihini Boteju

When it comes to finding the best support workers for your care home, locating the right care agency is crucial. We at Care Hires understand the importance of maintaining a successful partnership between care providers and agencies that can support the care providers in offering the best quality of service to their residents while helping care agencies grow and expand their networks. However, with an abundance of care agencies being available, it can be challenging for care providers to determine which one is the right fit. Here are 9 factors that care providers should consider when partnering with a care agency.
So what can care providers do to enrich the lives of residents in their care, to make life a little more interesting? The novelty of something new can make for a welcome change to the day-to-day routine of everyday life, so here are 5 suggestions for you to consider.

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Quality of Care

The quality of care should be the highest priority when choosing a care agency. The ideal care agency is one that possesses the expertise and a reputable track record in placing the best care workers in care homes. A highly regarded agency should have experienced and compassionate staff members who are well-trained in providing personalised care and are willing to go the extra mile to make their patients feel comfortable and healthy. Agencies that offer transparent access to their workers’ qualifications, certifications and records are ideal for providers to meet the staff that offer value in exchange for their cost.

Range of Services

The right care agency is one that can offer a wide range of services that meet the needs of the provider. Services should include personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, as well as housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation. Furthermore, depending on the condition of care residents, care agencies which provide care staff specialised in elderly care, care for persons with disabilities, caring for persons with dementia and other mental illnesses or supporting individuals with learning disabilities are an ideal fit as they offer customisable services to meet the specific needs of the residents.


Compliance is particularly important for care providers when selecting a care agency in terms of staff qualifications and worker profile checks. The quality of care provided by an agency is heavily dependent on the qualifications and competency of its staff members. Care providers need to ensure that the care agency they select has a robust process for hiring and vetting staff members, ensuring CQC compliance, IR35 compliance, background checks, visa status as well as verified qualifications and credentials. This helps to ensure that the care provider employs qualified and competent staff members who are able to provide the expected standard of care. Compliance in this area also helps to mitigate the risks associated with staff members who may have a history of misconduct, which could potentially harm patients or result in legal liabilities. Therefore, care providers should consider partnering with agencies that comply with all necessary regulatory standards when recruiting staff and those that conduct periodical audits to ensure that licenses are up to date.


A major characteristic that determines the suitability of a care agency is its availability and flexibility in meeting the staffing demands of the care provider. Care agency workers are significant in filling staffing gaps in care homes, especially due to staff shortages and high turnovers. Hence, in situations of staffing emergencies, the ideal care agency is one that is able to provide around-the-clock coverage. Thus, agencies with reliable systems in place to manage shifts and ensure that the providers’ needs are met as the requirement arises are the most applicable to building a long-term partnership.


Clear communication is essential when partnering with a care agency. The agency should have clear pathways of communication with the provider as well as their workers to ensure the providers’ expectations around the scope of care, the shift schedules, the delivery of standards and any other considerations that may be relevant are met while addressing any issues that may arise during the partnership. This allows the exchange of feedback between the provider and the agency, ensuring that they are on the same page and that the partnership remains strong with the patients’ needs receiving the required focus with minimum or no compromise or interruption.


Looking at the cost is important for care providers when partnering with a care agency because it helps to ensure that the care provided is affordable and in line with their budget, while it remains a sustainable expense during a long-term partnership. The provision of agency staff with the right expertise and qualifications should be considered to make sure that the provider is obtaining an optimal value for the cost incurred. Moreover, care providers should also take into consideration the transparency of agency rates such that full information on pricing and any additional charges are understood prior to any agreement.

Shared values

When partnering with a care agency, it is important to look for shared values that align with the care provider. Hence, finding care agencies that value the provision of the best possible care, take into consideration the diversity of their patient identities, backgrounds and needs, offer a personalised regiment of care, follow ethical practices and abide by established standards are essential for care providers to build trust so as to maintain a productive and healthy partnership in the long-run.

Existing networks

Evaluating the networks that care agencies possess are important to determine if they have the resources and credentials necessary to provide the expected quality of care. When a care agency has a strong network, it is more likely that it has connections with other providers, healthcare institutions, regulatory bodies or other persons or institutes within the care industry, which can facilitate collaborations that will help patients receive comprehensive care and meet their needs more efficiently. This also offers providers access to accreditations from recognised bodies as well as referrals and testimonials that could help add credibility to their reputation, vicariously enhancing the quality of service extended by the care provider.

Growth opportunities

Partnering with a care agency that prioritises growth and expansion can provide the boost, care providers also need in improving their quality of care. By partnering with a growth-oriented care agency, a care provider can gain a competitive advantage as the agency will likewise be motivated to stay ahead of the curve and come up with new solutions to expand their services. This will also help providers diversify their facilities in the marketplace, where an accredited agency that is capable of providing workers with specific skillsets and qualifications will aid the care provider to cater to a broader community of residents and meet their unique needs more effectively.

In conclusion, finding the right care agency can be challenging as it requires research, due diligence and seamless coordination and communication between the provider and the agency. But with Care Hires, you can overcome such challenges with our supply chain management solutions and rota management platform that brings together providers and agencies with digital solutions that can fast-track your partnership. With the use of state-of-the-art technology, we can help providers maintain control, visibility, reduce expenses and manage shifts and rotas with access to 100% transparent worker profiles and attain 24/7 shift coverage with 95% shift fulfilment. Care agencies can now easily respond to provider needs and offer greater opportunities for their support workers to be employed with competitive compensation, minus the worries of consecutive shifts and long hours. As your one-stop destination for your care staffing needs, we can empower you with our hassle-free workforce solutions to find the right agency to partner and to grow in unison towards a collaborative goal.

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