11th July 2023

5 min read

8 Benefits Care Providers Can Enjoy When Accessing a Pool of Care Professionals With Care Hires

By Lihini Boteju

As the population ages and healthcare demands continue to rise, the importance of care providers having access to a pool of qualified and reliable care staff has become increasingly apparent. At Care Hires, a significant value addition care providers can enjoy when using our workforce management solutions is the ability to choose the right care professional across a database of agency staff that perfectly fits their requirements at a cost they control. So, when you partner with Care Hires, here are eight benefits you can enjoy when you access our pool of care professionals.
So what can care providers do to enrich the lives of residents in their care, to make life a little more interesting? The novelty of something new can make for a welcome change to the day-to-day routine of everyday life, so here are 5 suggestions for you to consider.

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Providing high-quality care

Access to a pool of care workers allows care providers to select the most qualified and experienced candidates that fit the exact requirement of the care home. These workers possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver high-quality care services, which can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while adding to the reputation of the care provider.

Manage staffing shortages with convenience

Staffing shortages can create significant challenges for care providers in maintaining the continuity of service. Access to a pool of care professionals can help reduce these shortages by providing round-the-clock staff who can quickly respond to increased demand or unexpected staffing shortages, ensuring that patients receive the care they need without interruption.

Reduce staff turnover

A common issue care providers face is the recurrent turnover in staff, compromising the quality of care and the trust built with care patients and their families. This also causes a surge in administrative costs due to providers having to spend repeatedly on staff recruitment and training. Having access to a pool of care staff can help providers plan their finances with convenience and reduce costs on recruitment and agency spending. This can also help staff feel more satisfied with their service, assuring flexibility in their work schedules and reducing the likelihood of burnout.

Compliance with industry standards

Compliance is a significant benefit for care providers because it ensures that the care staff they hire have met specific legal and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of legal and financial liability for the provider. Compliance also helps to ensure that the care staff have received the necessary training and education to provide a qualitative service, which can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Through our workforce management system, all staff are screened for specific qualifications, credentials and licenses, background checks, criminal activity, visa status and work permits to ensure that they are qualified and trustworthy.

Competitive rates

Accessing a pool of care professionals with competitive rates can help care providers manage their budget while recruiting from amongst the best. Care providers are given the opportunity to negotiate rates with agencies, which can lead to cost savings in the long run. Further, they can secure lower rates by committing to long-term contracts or providing consistent shifts, ensuring the development of a mutually advantageous relationship between providers and agencies.

Matched criteria

Finding staff who possess the desired criteria of the vacancy is a significant benefit for care providers when accessing a pool of care professionals, as it ensures that the staff meet the expectations of the provider and the patient. Skills, expertise, qualifications, and other specifications such as language competencies, psychosocial intelligence and gender or illness-related needs of patients are essential to be met to offer the specific kind of care the patient needs for their wellbeing. Moreover, matching criteria for the shift requirement can help care providers improve the effectiveness of their operations while reducing the risk of errors and securing the trust and good health outcomes of the patients.

Improved efficiency

Access to a pool of care workers can help care providers manage their resources more efficiently. Providers can quickly and easily find qualified and available care service providers, which can help reduce the time and resources required for recruiting, hiring, and training. In addition, due to the ability to get fast responses for job postings, it ensures convenience and peace of mind to providers with a satisfying continuity of care without any disruptions.

Increased profitability

By accessing a large pool of quality care staff, care homes can provide better care that attracts more clients or customers, leading to increased profitability. In addition to an increase in savings that can be achieved by cutting down overheads and agency spending, this helps to improve the overall reputation of the care organisation, leading to better referrals, reviews and approvals from regulatory bodies, further adding to the profitability of the provider.

Access to a pool of qualified and reliable care workers is a significant step forward for care providers to streamline their workforce management. When partnering with Care Hires, all your administrative burdens are taken away by our intelligent supplier-chain management solutions that create a holistic and thorough database for you to conveniently post vacancies and select from competitive rates that best suit your financial plan, with a guarantee of compliance that lightens your troubles of having to vet staff manually. With a lot of time and cost savings on your plate, our digital solutions offer you the peace of mind you need with long-term sustainability in your business operations.

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