The Staffing Crisis in Care Homes:

Why Finding and Retaining Qualified Staff is Becoming Increasingly Difficult in the UK

The shortage of qualified and experienced care workers is a predominant issue that the UK care industry is currently facing. In particular, the rising demand for competent staff to provide consistent care for growing numbers of care residents has brought attention to the necessity of reliable long-term solutions.

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    About this report

    Why finding and retaining qualified staff is difficult?

    • The scarcity of skilled and experienced care workers has led to high turnover rates.
    • The growing aging population in the UK is a key factor in why the care sector is facing a skills crisis.
    • The report also found that an additional 1.2 million workers will be needed by 2028 to meet the industry’s rising demand.

    Our Latest Report Features

    • Ways to help attract and retain workers in the care industry.
    • Use of technology to improve the efficiency of the working environment.
    • Four ways to overcome the struggles of care home staffing​

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