Going beyond the basics:

The role of care homes in addressing
the mental health challenges of residents

Care homes are a significant component of the healthcare system in the UK and globally. While care homes and care providers deal with the complex and sensitive requirements of particularly the elderly population, the mental health concerns of patients are often overlooked.

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About this report

Why addressing mental health issues in care homes is a must

  • Number of people over the age of 60 years is expected to increase from 46 million in 2015 to 147 million in 2050
  • It is projected that 40% of older people in General Practitioner clinics face mental health issues.
  • Depression is recognised as one of the more common long-standing mental health conditions that affect more than 40% care home residents.

Our latest report features

  • Exclusive data on the common mental health issue seen in care homes
  • Factors that have contributed to poor mental health within care homes
  • Five steps organisations can take to foster better mental health with in their care homes

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