Silent Victims No More:

Exploring the Importance of the Modern Slavery Act in Social Care

Modern slavery, a harrowing and pervasive issue on a global scale, is characterised by coercion, force, deception, or fraud used to exploit individuals. This modern-day scourge impacts nearly 50 million people worldwide, with the United Kingdom alone estimating over 100,000 victims. In response to this grave challenge, the UK introduced the Modern Slavery Act in 2015, consolidating historical trafficking and slavery offences to combat this exploitation within its borders.

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    About this report

    Why is exploring the importance of the modern slavery act in social care important?

    • The social care sector’s notable exploitation underscores the need for robust safeguards.
    • The Modern Slavery Act requires the social care sector to actively combat and report on exploitation.
    • A 710% increase in individuals seeking aid highlights the growing recognition of exploitation in sectors like social care.

    Our Latest Report Features

    • How does modern slavery impact care organisations?
    • How can your care organisation tackle this?
    • The Illegal Migration Bill and the Modern Slavery Act.

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