24th August 2023

3 mins read

Caring for Heroes: Royal British Legion and Care Hires Unite to Transform Veteran Support

The Royal British Legion announces its partnership with Care Hires, a workforce management platform in the care sector. The Royal British Legion’s (RBL) integration into the Care Hires platform highlights the organisation’s commitment to leveraging advanced digital solutions to manage its staff. By embracing Care Hires’ cutting-edge technology, the RBL aims to improve its ability to support honoured veterans and their families.

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The Armed Forces community is dynamic, with evolving needs and challenges. Prioritising the people who serve is crucial for RBL to understand the complexity of these needs and challenges. With that in mind, the RBL’s Care Homes offer comprehensive services, including residential, nursing, respite, and daycare for elderly veterans and their dependents, focusing on dementia care. Keeping in line with their mission, Care Hires envisions a digital future for the RBL where workforce management becomes seamless, efficient, and empowered through partnership.

In tandem with RBL’s aims, Care Hires' workforce management technology is launching a digital transformation project with RBL to move away from paper-based processes to a digital solution set, giving visibility and control over staff management. The RBL aspires to expand their Admiral Nurse Service for dementia residents and other recovery services. By offering solutions to minimise agency costs, manage staff rosters, ensure compliance with industry standards, and eliminate regulatory risks that may limit RBL’s capacity to deliver care, Care Hires aims to strengthen their outreach and support their commitment to the Armed Forces community.

Commenting on the partnership, Co-Founder Suleman Sacranie stated, “We are excited to welcome the Royal British Legion as a valued member of our care community. Our platform empowers care providers of all sizes to efficiently manage their temporary staffing needs while focusing on their core missions. The collaboration with the Royal British Legion underscores our dedication to delivering innovative solutions that drive positive change in the care sector.”

Care Hires brings many benefits to its clients, exemplified by its commitment to addressing industry-specific challenges. From tackling the high costs associated with staffing, rectifying fulfilment gaps in vacancies, and ensuring clear visibility and control over all processes, Care Hires’ platform empowers care providers to take complete control over how they manage their care. The platform’s expansive coverage ensures that care providers can access their innovative solutions nationwide. The collaboration between the Royal British Legion and Care Hires is a significant milestone, demonstrating the combined potential of technology and social impact.

Peter Hounsham

Commercial Director

tel: 07704 523 686

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